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TrakIT is a comprehensive web/cloud based system that caters to diverse and dynamic tracking needs of the logistics and SCM industries or industries that are engaged in any kind of workflow of transportation of goods from one location to another.

Increasing interconnectedness, complex supply chain demands and global scope of businesses has led to a need for higher consistency and scalability of freight and logistics services. TrakIT is really an appropriate end-to-end solution that fuses innovation with agility and precision as required by various logistics operations and enables organizations to achieve high performances.

How TrakIT can help your business

TrakIT has been designed around the multifaceted needs of the logistics industry, keeping the user in the centre. While regular executives can go about their operational tasks such as adding and updating shipments, complex tasks such as setting up of workflows, corridors, KPIs and finances are left to the administrators. The following features will give you more insights about TrakIT:

Web or Cloud based Application – Nothing for Users to Download or Configure

TrakIT can either be deployed on your organization's intranet (or LAN) or hosted on the internet, either on your own server or on ours. You can start using TrakIT by simply opening the browser and going to the TrakIT site for your company. This could be either a local site in the office (such as http://trakit) or hosted on the internet (such as http://yourcompany.trakit.in or http://trakit.yourcompany.com). New updates are released instantaneously and immediately available to all users.

Highly Customizable Corridor Creation to Handle Any Kind of Shipment Workflow

Administrators can define just about any kind of work-flow or transport process that is associated with the shipment of goods. TrakIT works around the concept of corridors that hold the entire workflow together. These corridors can have any amount of information required for the shipment. Group events/milestones in the shipment and data as per the Services that you would like to provide to your customers. Define Key Performance Indicators and Alerts on various events to ensure their timely completion. Finance managers can easily setup Shipment financial estimates & actual expenses.

Automatic Status Emails to Customers

Sit back and relax while the status of a consignment update is sent automatically to customers and other recipients via email (or SMS if required). These notifications are sent out within 30 minutes of event updates.

Automatic and Regular Summarized Reports to Customers

Create highly customizable reports for individual customers that are sent out automatically at pre-defined intervals. Choose from a variety of formats for reports, including MS-Excel, HTML and CSV. Apart from this, you can view Interactive Reports that help you gauge the quality of data in corridors and the performance of your users as well as status of all shipments.

Container Tracking, Demurrage Calculation and Notifications

Track a container across corridors (i.e. both import and export) from the time it enters your responsibility to the time it leaves. Calculate accurate demurrage charges payable in case of container overstay. Get email alerts when a container exceeds or is about to exceed the allowed free Days.

Location / Function Based Access to Consignments

If your organization has several locations, you can give access to your users in a manner that they see only those consignments that are originating or terminating at their location. This reduces clutter and keeps consignments segregated with their respective operators. You can also link users to different functions which makes it easy to identify users responsible for certain shipments, tasks or events.

Dashboard Charts for Statistical Analysis

Get a bird’s eye view of your shipments and evaluate the performance of your corridors in a blink using Dashboard that is a very powerful and highly customizable tool that provides a comprehensive summary of your business. A variety of charts like KPI Trend Analysis, Top 10 Charts, Work Order Volumes can be added to your Dashboard that expose the performance of your shipments and business visually, like nothing else. These charts help you monitor shipments, take corrective actions in case of delays or contingencies.

Smartphone Access or Emails to Update Events in “Real-Time”

Away from office? Simply send an email to the system to update milestones automatically. This facilitates generation of correct and timely notifications and reports and keeps customers well informed about their shipments.

Central Document Repository for Consignments

No need to worry about storing your shipment related documents like delivery orders, receipts and manifests in various folders or emails. All the necessary documents can be uploaded on directly or remotely and are immediately available to all relevant users. Control document access by setting appropriate user roles and even share them with your customers if needed. A document can either be specific to a container or shared across the Shipment.

Upload Documents by Email

Streamline work flow and save man hours by uploading documents by email. This feature allows any kind of document, such as invoices, B/Ls, statements, scanned copies, zip files to be emailed or forwarded to TrakIT for automatic upload. Subscribed users can receive notifications when documents are attached.

Key Performance Indicators and Alerts

Measure the performance of various stages of your shipments by setting up KPIs in the most customized manner that allow you to set target completion time between any two events or milestones. When allowed periods are exceeded, email alerts are triggered to subscribed users.

Easy Creation of Forms from Templates

Generate Trucking Orders, Customs Declarations, Manifests, etc. with just a few simple clicks. TrakIT accommodates commonly used forms as templates and retrieves information from shipments to fill them up automatically. Generated forms are archived for audit purposes. No duplicate data entry at all.

Localization and Languages

Transcend language barriers using TrakIT’s custom language support for users. French and Spanish are already available in the application and any other language can be added on demand.

Customer Access and Self-Service

Make shipments transparent to your customers by allowing them to log on to the application themselves to view their own shipments as well as any shared documents.

Easy and Intuitive to Use – Minimal / No Training Required

From basic users to administrators, only a minimal training is required to start using the application. It has an extremely simple and intuitive interface and clear-cut functionality. We provide initial training and subsequently full support as required by both Administrators and Operations Users.

No Login or Password to Remember*

On your company’s LAN, TrakIT can use Windows authentication (if available), so it already knows the identity of users without them having to remember passwords. For other cases, a login and password is required, but the subsequent logons are automatic as TrakIT can remember the user's computer.

No Investment / Purchase Required – Very Low Cost per Consignment or User

TrakIT is free to install and try. You can start using it fully once you are completely satisfied. Charges are volume based and very extremely low. Furthermore, the more consignments you enter into TrakIT, the lower it costs per shipment.

These are just few of the many business intelligence features that TrakIT provides. This application is highly flexible and scalable and more features can be implemented record time on demand and at no extra cost. Feel free to browse around the site and learn more about TrakIT. We are sure you will like it!


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Introducing TrakIT was always about making a paradigm shift in the way we do business. It was about offering a differentiated solution that would delight our customers and at the same time improve the way we manage our organization, processes and information. Combining deep system knowledge of Bitmetric and extensive logistics experience of [Company] – resulted in creation of this simple yet powerful system.

- Mehul Bhatt, Chief Commercial Officer

TrakIT is easy to use and can be customized to meet all your operations management and cargo tracking needs - it’s a requisite for any logistics company that wants to have a competitive edge in today’s market. Furthermore, the support team have a split second response time for any queries that you may have. They are the modern day technology super-heroes!

- Lynnette Owuor, Process Improvement Consultant

TrakIT is a breed apart from the complicated logistics software we used earlier. Highly recommended!

- Ryan Peterson, Country Manager

TrakIT is a system that has really made my life easy since I started using it. I can monitor all my shipments very closely and generate graphs and excel reports - which is awesome! I use and explore TrakIT on a daily basis and I can’t even imagine working without TrakIT.

- Januario Castello, Shipping Supervisor

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Technical Info

TrakIT is built on the Microsoft ASP.Net 4.0 platform, runs on a Windows 2008/2012 server and connects to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or above. It requires a POP3 or SMTP server to handle incoming and outgoing emails respectively.

It undergoes continuous improvement, refinement and Q&A cycle over each new version or upgrade. Having quickest release-cycles (one or two new updates every month), it can also be tailored to accommodate needs or enhancements as per your business requirements.

TrakIT is a product of Bitmetric Technologies Pvt Ltd, a progressive IT solutions company specializing in line-of-business and enterprise web applications.