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Flexible, Scalable and Low Cost

TrakIT is a web-based Logistics Workflow Management System that caters to diverse and dynamic tracking needs of freight forwarders, logistics companies, SCM industries or any company engaged in any kind of transportation of goods from one location to another.

A system designed to follow your business processes and work flows, it is the most comprehensive, customizable and intuitive logistics workflow system ever designed.

TrakIT is running on large-scale global logistics organisations handling tens of thousands of shipments every month. It is easy to deploy and use and has one of the fastest development cycles.

What you get!


Nothing to Install. Get it up and running within a day

TrakIT is a web-based application running on Microsoft's most popular ASP.Net platform. Hosting requirements are minimal - ASP.Net hosting with SQL Server.

If you wish, we can host TrakIT on your company server or we can host TrakIT for you on our own servers and provide you a unique domain such as or an custom domain you may wish to give.

Setting up and configuring TrakIT is completely free and we will guide you through setting up your corridors, event work flow and work order data fields.


Build your own workflows and processes

TrakIT does not define the way your business should run. Instead, you let TrakIT know how your business process runs and setup TrakIT to follow exactly the process you want to follow.

Every shipment in TrakIT belongs to "Workflows" that you can set up your self. This includes totally customized milestones for your shipments. Besides the obvious information, all other shipment related data is setup by you.

You can set up an unlimited number of workflows, each with unlimited events, data fields and KPIs.


Automated reports & customer notifications

Don't let your employees waste time on updating your customers. TrakIT includes comprehensive and automated reports. Pick and choose the events and fields you want to export, set up the report recurrence interval, specify the report recipients and your customers will automatically get updated.

Besides regular updates, you can also set up customers to get instant notifications when a shipment is updated.

You employees can also subscribe to receive updates and instructions on each step of the shipments or when documents are uploaded.

Intuitive & Easy

Get users up and running within a day

TrakIT is so easy and intuitive to use, your operations users can get up and running in just 2 hours of training. They will learn to create shipments, update milestones, generate forms and reports within a day.

Training for Administrators is slightly longer but completed within a day. Administrators need to learn how to set up and configure corridors, workflows, events, etc.

Don't want Admins? No problem! You can hire a TrakIT expert to help set it up for you and also provide dedicated support.

Generate Custom Forms

Automatic Form Generation
No re-typing of data

Gone are the days where you need to type and print dozens of shipment related forms. TrakIT can create any and all kinds of forms that are used by your organisation, fill them up automatically with relevent shipment data, generate the PDF of the form and automatically attach it to the shipment and/or send it to relevant parties.

Forms are HTML based and can also include a bit of intelligence using Javascript programming if needed. Our team will help you set up any number of forms at no charge whatsoever.

Low Cost

No Investment / Purchase Required – Volume Based Cost

TrakIT is free to setup and try. You have nothing to lose except a wee bit of time. We'll set it up for you and provide full training on how to use TrakIT.

Once you are happy with the way TrakIT is set up (and you will be), charges are extremely low and based on shipment volume. So you only pay a bit more when you make more shipments and pay less when business hasn't been good.

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What Our Clients Say...

"Introducing TrakIT was always about making a paradigm shift in the way we do business. It was about offering a differentiated solution that would delight our customers and at the same time improve the way we manage our organization, processes and information. Combining deep system knowledge of Bitmetric and extensive logistics experience of [Company] – resulted in creation of this simple yet powerful system."

Mehul Bhatt
Chief Commercial Officer

"TrakIT is easy to use and can be customized to meet all your operations management and cargo tracking needs - it's a requisite for any logistics company that wants to have a competitive edge in today's market. Furthermore, the support team have a split second response time for any queries that you may have. They are the modern day technology super-heroes!"

Lynnette Owuor
Process Improvement Consultant

"Upon Implementation of TrakIT we were thrilled to discover a Tracking system that allowed us to not only offer real time visibility for our hinterland moves, but also an excellent data management tool where our customer and vendor details + documents are handled effectively and a comprehensive reporting tool for the various measures. Through this, we have a better understanding of what is happening at any moment because we are sharing the same information as our vendors meaning we can now improve our efficiency and have an improved control of the process more than ever before and we can now identify and alleviate issues much earlier in the process."

David Kyambadde

"TrakIT is a system that has really made my life easy since I started using it. I can monitor all my shipments very closely and generate graphs and excel reports - which is awesome! I use and explore TrakIT on a daily basis and I can’t even imagine working without TrakIT."

Januario Castello
Shipping Supervisor

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