Overall Product Features
Cloud hosted web application
Completely customizable & unlimited Workflows
Location based access to Workflows
Job Costing Estimation, Invoicing & Bill Validation
Comprehensive Dashboard for management
Remote update of milestones and data
Monitor KPIs & get exception alerts
Automate actions and document generation
Automated status reports to customers & users
Customer access to track work orders
Finance System/API Integration

How TrakIT helps

Save Time
  • Immediate & Automatic Updates to Customers
  • Create new jobs or work orders in 10-20 seconds
  • Central Documentation Repository
  • Automatic Notifications & Reminders
  • Monitor User Performance & Data Quality
  • KPI / Delay / Non-performance Alerts
  • Update TrakIT remotely by App or Email
  • Dynamic Dashboards as per your requirements
  • Upload documents by just forwarding emails
  • Delay alerts & notifications
  • Automatic Scheduled Reports for users
  • Push reports to FTP or API end-points
Customize Workflows
  • Create business process specific workflows
  • Define your own events & data
  • Set up services/products for your clients
  • Define KPIs to measure performance
  • Track delays and delay charges
  • Record incomes, expenses & pass-throughs
Customize Locations and Access
  • Define your own organisational structure
  • Create countries, cities, dépôts & ports
  • User access as per role & location
  • Customise every action possible for a role
  • Define actions to happen on any update
Asset Management
  • Define any kind and any number of Assets
  • Define custom fields for each asset type
  • Enable location tracking for assets
  • Link assets to work orders or other assets
  • Trigger asset data updates
  • Link Assets to work orders and entities
Warehouse Management
  • Define any kind and any number of Warehouses
  • Maintain Item stock per storage locations
  • Generate full workflow for Inbound and Outbound transactions
  • Maintain complete transaction history
  • Generate complete documentation for transactions
  • Generate stock reports and high/low level alerts
Automated Reports
  • Choose your own fields to export
  • Choose your own format: Excel, HTML, etc.
  • Set up immediate alerts for customers
  • Set up periodic updates for customers & users
  • Define KPI, demurrage and event notifications
  • Advanced reports for complete customization
Geo Location and Mapping
  • Connect with multiple GPS Provider APIs
  • Track any number of assets and users
  • Display all Asset locations on maps
  • Setup Geofences and update events based on Entry/Exit
Export Data and Notification
  • Generate Scheduled or Triggered Data Exports
  • Trigger SMS Messages or App Notifications
  • Post Reports to FTP Locations or API
  • XLS, CSV, HTML, JSON, XML or any templatable format


Work Orders


Processes Developed


Assets Managed


Client Profit




Client Retention