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Why use a Workflow Management System?

Running a business isn't easy. A lot of things need to be tracked and managed. Not just managed correctly, but also at the right time and with right results. Reports need to be emailed, orders managed, documentation to be generated, invoices to be sent and people to be informed. Do you wish you had greater control and visibility on everything going on?

As your company grows, managing business processes and orders might become intimidating and you might not know where to start to getting things under control. You may even have an idea that your business or department needs Workflow Automation, but are not sure.

Well, here are a few quick hints that it's time to consider implementing a workflow management system:

  1. You’re entering the same data in multiple systems.
  2. You’re sharing large or many Excel documents between your team.
  3. You still use MS Word & Excel to generate your documents.
  4. Your have systems that can’t be adapted or extended to new business opportunities.
  5. You are managing a bunch of different systems that are difficult to maintain.
  6. You have no overall visibility of what's happening or it's easy to lose track of what's going on.

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A workflow is defined as the sequence of industrial, administrative, logistical or other processes through which a piece of work passes from initiation to completion.

TrakIT is a web-based Workflow Management System that caters to any kind of workflow process tracking need of any business - the detailed organization and implementation of any complex and repeatable operation.

A system designed to follow your processes and work flows, it is the most comprehensive, customisable and intuitive platform system designed.

TrakIT is running on large-scale global logistics organisations scalable to tens of thousands of work orders every month. It is easy to deploy and use and has one of the fastest development cycles and support response.


TrakIT is so easy and intuitive to use, your operations staff can get trained in just 2-4 hours. They will learn to create shipments, update milestones and data, generate documents, forms and reports by the end of the day.

Training for Administrators is slightly longer but completed within a day or two. Administrators need to learn how to set up and configure workflows, add events, data fields, KPIs, notifications, etc.

Don't want Admins? No problem! You can hire a TrakIT expert to help set it up for you and also provide dedicated support.


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Build your own workflows, events, data fields, KPI's, notifications, reports, computations and charts


Free to install and try. No 'per User' fees and a very small cost per Work Order created


Forget Excel and Word. Generate and send complex and customizable forms directly from data you've entered once


Build your own reports to be generated automatically on a schedule sent via email, FTP or API. Send SMS, Chat and email notifications on specific conditions


Set up complex workflows, logic based events, customized KPIs and logic based notifications


Update your work orders directly, via email or bulk updates. Email attachments directly to the system or use the app to update data or upload documents


Build and schedule reports for the management. Create customized charts and add them to your dashboard


Get notified by the system in case of events, alerts, exceptions, delays and much more


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Workflow Management Made Easy

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We strive the keep TrakIT as affordable as possible. There are no charges for setup and installation and no charges for remote training and setting up workflows. There is no limit on number of users or offices, no limit on the number of assets, no limit on the number of workflows you can create and no limit on API or data volume.

TrakIT is billed monthly only on the number of work orders you create - the cost is a tiny amount per work order created, with a minimum amount billable. The higher the volume of work orders, the lower the cost per work order. A work order is roughly equivalent to one container, truck, order or load that needs to tracked individually. There are no hidden charges or costs.

We usually host TrakIT on Amazon EC2 servers and every client gets a dedicated installation. We do not run on shared databases and every client's application runs in it's own isolated space. There is no cost for hosting - unless you require a special configuration. We also understand that you may want to host TrakIT on your company own server. We can do that as well - provided we get admin access to update and monitor the system. TrakIT is built on the Microsoft ASP.Net platform and requires a Microsoft Windows server along with a Microsoft SQL Server database. It is possible to host TrakIT on cloud based scalable platforms such as AWS or Azure.

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