Simple, Scalable and Affordable

TrakIT is an affordable management system.

  • No charges for setup and installation
  • No charges for remote training and setting up workflows
  • No limit on number of users or offices
  • No limit on the number of assets
  • No limit on the number of workflows you can create
  • No cost for hosting
  • No limit on API or data volume
  • No hidden charges or costs

TrakIT is billed monthly only on the number of work orders you create - the cost is a tiny amount per work order created, with a minimum amount billable. The higher the volume of work orders, the lower the cost per work order. A work order is roughly equivalent to one container, truck, order or load that needs to tracked individually.


We usually host TrakIT on Amazon EC2 servers and every client gets a dedicated installation. We do not run on shared databases and every client's application runs in it's own isolated space. There is no cost for hosting - unless you require a special configuration. We also understand that you may want to host TrakIT on your company own server. We can do that as well - provided we get admin access to update and monitor the system. TrakIT is built on the Microsoft ASP.Net platform and requires a Microsoft Windows server along with a Microsoft SQL Server database. It is also possible to host TrakIT on cloud based scalable platforms such as AWS or Azure.


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